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Advertising Rates:

Banner Sizes: 

 120×60   $20/wk, $75/mo., $225/qtr., or $750 per year

120×90  $25/wk., $100/mo., $300/qtr., or $1000 per year

234×60  $35/wk., $125/mo., $375/qtr., or $1250 per year

234×120  $40/wk. $150/mo., $450/qtr., or $1500 per year

234×200 $50/wk., $200/mo., $600/qtr., or $2000 per year

234×300  $65/wk., $250/mo., $750/qtr., or $2500 per year

Banner advertising includes:

  • Banner ad size purchased on right sidebar menu with link to website
  • Inclusion on advertisers’ page with link to website
  • Inclusion in Yellow Pages with Banner and textual ad with link to website

Yellow pages only option is $200 annually

We would be  happy to contact you to discuss how to best promote your business.   Call us at (978) 632-6324 or use the convenient contact form below and we will get back to you at a time you suggest fits your schedule.

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